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About Me

On to introductions! My name is Brittani, however I am more comfortable going as Tanni. I am currently a finalizing Animation student at the University of the West Indies. I hail from Jamaica, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, and have studied in the States for at least 4 years! I love video games (MOBAs, 2D indie games and RPGs are favourites), reading, and, of course, art and illustration. I always loved drawing as a child but took it seriously during my senior year of high school.

My goal for the future is to become a concept artist, bringing imagination to reality through video games, and would love to be involved in the evolution of gaming and art. I am self-taught in art, and draw inspiration from my peers and respected artists around the world.

I look forward to getting along!

If you have any queries, commission, or would simply like to reach out to me please email me at queenbeaneh@gmail.com


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